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The BBC Radio 4 radio continuing drama, The Archers, has possibly the longest-established online community around it of any similar TV or radio programme in the UK. What can we learn from the experience of those now using twitter to enhance their interaction with the weekly omnibus edition of the programme, on Sunday mornings 10:00 - 11:15? Could we join in (giving non-Archers fans, if there are any) around #IslandGovCamp a long lie, or leaving them to entertain themselves on the Sunday morning at that time, while those of us at Orkney College (or on the internet) see what all the fuss is about!


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    David Whewell

    This tweetalong had grown considerably over hte past few years and regularly, now, trends on Twitter. What is it that brings #thearchers listeners out in such numbers and with, generally, so much wit? Unpicking this would offer a perspective which could inform other tweetalongs.

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    John Fox

    Perhaps we could encourage all participants, physical and remote to listen and tweetalong with two hashtags - one for #TheArchers, the other for #IsleGC12 - in order to get both trending for the UK. We could thus demonstrate to the Government community the power of Twitter for engaging and influencing public opinion, albeit rather tenuously.

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