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Tour of the Orkney Mainland by Public Transport

****UPDATED 08:00 Fri 11 May 2012****

If you want to guarantee a place on the tour, you MUST vote for it here (please also add a comment indicating

(a) whether you wish to join the tour, or are voting for it but not planning to do the tour, AND

(b) whether or not you intend to bring along any partners, friends or hangers-on (and if so how many)

The tour will departs Kirkwall Travel Centre at 09:00, returning there at 17:31 - I am still seeking sponsorship, but can say that the maximum cost of the bus and admission to Maeshowe will be around £13. You will be free to "self-provide" your lunch in Stromness. Fran Flett Hollinrake has produced an itinerary and notes on how the day will work: http://islandgovcamp.blogspot.co.uk/2012/05/tour-of-orkney-mainland-by-public.html

****First come, first served****

**** Original text of the idea****

I intend to fully flesh out this concept in a blog post, as I will need to provide a map of where the buses go, and some other web links.

Briefly, though, the idea is to use Stagecoach and/or Octo (Orkney Community Transport Organisation) bus services to have a day-long tour of the Orkney mainland (probably concentrating on Kirkwall and Stromness, and the Italian Chapel in Lamb Holm).

I intend to ask Stagecoach to sponsor this idea, by providing free or discounted All-Day Orkney bus tickets (normally about £7), and or the costs of using Octo bus services, and to consider using the event to promote the use of bus travel in Orkney.

I have checked with Fran Flett Hollinrake (of Dragonhistory Tours, Quoyloo, Sandwick) who has kindly agreed to donate her services as tourguide for the day as sponsorship of #IslandGovCamp , and she seems quite interested in the challenge of using public transport for this, as an alternative to the more usual hired coach, with driver. She or I will also liaise with the Orkney Tour Guides Association, VisitOrkney, and Orkney Islands Council transport section, to see if they have any interest in collaborating on this idea.

Input required:

1. Please indicate if you like this concept (if you have alternative suggestions for Friday, please add them as Ideascale ideas in their own right)

2. Please read the blog post on this, when available (at http://islandgovcamp.blogspot.com )

3. If there are particular monuments or attractions that would like to see included in the tour, please indicate what they are (timing and proximity to a bus route will be constraints!)


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  1. Comment
    Sweyn Hunter ( Idea Submitter )
    ( Pinned Moderator )

    I make that 7 so far (plus the guide, myself and possibly Kate Deans - a total of 10): Lesley (plus 1), Alex, John Fox, Mike, Leah and James.

    Any more fares? All aboard!

  2. Comment

    I'm definitely up for the challenge of a public transport tour - but obviously it does cut down our options. We could easily see Stromness (Pier Arts Centre, Ness Battery, seal watching), Kirkwall (St Magnus Cathedral, Bishop's and Earl's Palaces, Orkney Museum), and in between the two a visit to Maeshowe is feasible. We can also reach the Italian Chapel by bus. However, we wouldn't manage ALL of those things, and we would reduce our chances of puffin viewing to zero. I am going to look at the bus timetables and work out timings and cost...and see what everyone thinks!

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    1. Comment
      Sweyn Hunter ( Idea Submitter )

      Thanks for kicking off the conversation on which of the many attractions accessible on the Orkney mainland we should try to visit. I hope everyone will make their views known about what they would like to see! As for puffins, we will do our best to make sure that there is an opportunity for those who wish to to see some, at some other point over the weekend.

  3. Comment
    John Fox

    I ... and I suspect many others ... would take public transport in the loosest sense. How about enquiring of Stagecoach Orkney if they'd be prepared to run a special one-off bus to transport IGCers from site to site as per an agreed itinerary?

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    1. Comment
      Sweyn Hunter ( Idea Submitter )

      Good points, John - thanks. Fran, as (sponsor of) the tour guide, has been preparing an itinerary: either she or I will post something here in the next few days for comment. I'll certainly be speaking to Stagecoach!

  4. Comment
    John Fox

    Yes please. 1x biped (me) and 1x quadraped (@HereIsMolly). Please note that we're willing to step aside if the tour should be oversubscribed.

  5. Comment

    Eek! I thought I had voted for the tour but my name doesn't seem to be on the list. Is it too late?

  6. Comment
    John Fox

    The tour of the Orkney mainland by public transport took place yesterday (Friday) as planned. Search Twitter hashtag #X1GuidedTourOfOrkney to see tweets relating to the tour, narrative, snippets of history images snapped along the way during the day.

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