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Let's earn ourselves a Foursquare Swarm badge this weekend!

If 50+ registered Foursquare users check into a Foursquare venue simultaneously (within three hours of each other) they will be awarded a Foursquare Swarm badge.

That's it ... they don't need to actually do anything - jump through hoops or silly things like that, just declare to the world that they're there.

So this weekend we have a real opportunity to tell the world about Island Gov Camp by earning ourselves a hard-to-get swarm badge at Orkney College!

I would like to encourage *ALL* Island Gov Camp IN-PERSON attendees TO REGISTER WITH Foursquare and try it out this weekend.

Please do this even if your registration is simply to assist regular users to earn what is actually a very hard to get badge, and on Monday morning you delete the account! But I personally hope that you'll stick with it a while longer ...

As Foursquare is a location-based resource it means that Island Gov Camp REMOTE attendees are, in purely practical terms, excluded from participating in a swarm badge activity. Yesterday, though, I logged a support request with Foursquare in New York to ask whether it is possible for our remote attendees to somehow be recognised as 'present' at Orkney College if they meet the other swarm-earning criteria.

I'm awaiting Foursquare's response with quite some interest!

SO, this is the task list for this idea:

Attending IN PERSON? Register as a Foursquare user if you aren't one already. Then check-in upon arrival at Orkney College on Saturday. That's all I'm asking you to do!

REMOTE attending? Standby for further advice!

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