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How can users overcome the horror that is the new Knowledge Hub?

I describe it as a horror because I, personally, find it a nightmare to use. I get the distinct impression that my user experience is a common one, and not limited to end users alone.

Is the replacement service for the now defunct 'Communities of Practice' a retrograde development? It certainly seems like it to me.

I'd be interested in exploring other users' experiences of Knowledge Hub - from an end user and, if we're lucky, the administrator/moderator perspective should such a user be able to participate in a discussion.

If we're unable to help each other directly then perhaps we can build a body of 'evidence' to feedback to the service provider in the hope that they'll take heed and do something to improve the service for the benefit of all users.


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    Leah Lockhart

    Hi John, fantastic idea! I really look forward to talking to you about your experience on Knowledge Hub and about ideas you have for improvement/evolution of the platform. If this idea is not included as a formal session during the weekend can we spend some time together to discuss?

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      John Fox ( Idea Submitter )

      I'd be delighted, etc! I'm glad someone else agrees with me :-)

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    Leah Lockhart

    I'm enjoying using it and any issues I've had about functionality are being addressed via the Knowledge Hub Feedback group or Knowledge Hub bucket email for more techinical issues so I'm finding that helpful too. I'm interested to discuss your ideas because it seems we're having such different experiences!

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      John Fox ( Idea Submitter )

      Oh I see! Well, these two individual comments from the Feedback last week have been referred to me, plus an observation from a third, after I vented frustration with using it, pl

      "Having the same problem. Have to say that the switch from Communities of Practice has brought nothing but problems: with sign in, invites, being able to categorise information etc. etc. I can't promote this service to potential members because the site now has such a bad reputation. I am considering closing it."

      The other from someone who described KHub as "dreadful".

      The third observation was "My biggest beef is that they have removed all the means facilitators used to have to get the communities active and growing. They have told me that our former ability to look at members' details and email them (despite the fact they have had to apply to join our group) is 'against the DPA' - the conveniently catch-all excuse of the arrogant official through the ages......... "

      My own interest is as an end user but with a weather-eye on how best to enable an online collaborative resource for the project team involved in running 'Better connected 2013'.

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    Leah Lockhart

    Tell me about it. In the days immediately after the change to KHub I was also getting quite a few of the same sort of comments and saw a lot more activity on the feedback forum. It's a new platform so some people are bound to be frustrated with the change and have an emotional response and I respect that, however, it's early days and I really believe that most challenges (if they're not highly technical problems) can be worked through or worked around. There is always a social element to technology- no platform can address every single need of a user- so interaction between people is needed. I'm sure the platform can meet the needs of the Better Connected 2013 team. I'd love to talk to you about how it can work for you and what things you anticipate might make it inappropriate to use. My email address is on my KHub profile so please do email me details of concerns ahead of GovCamp and we can make sure we address everything before getting too carried away with the action packed weekend!

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    Alex Stobart

    John, Leah

    Would be good to talk about it and to involve Mike McLean who has a Scottish-wide perspective.

    It is hard to use, and I feel the support from the centre has gone, so I don't get a sense it is being nurtured.


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    I'm very happy to discuss KH. I have gone from Evangelist (of the original KH idea which included an App Store) to disgruntled occasional user. There was so much potential, so little of which seems to have been realiased...

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    James Coltham

    I'm still hopeful that the KHub will continue to evolve and improve, and definitely want to be part of any discussion to help that process :)

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